The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Nelson Mandela


I'm Joe Lee

Do you remember the cool kid crowd back in school? Yeah! So do I, as part of the nerd crowd I choose a different path in life. Being a recovering engineer, turned hairstylist. I have been helping people discover and show the power of their inner beauty to the rest of the us cooler kids (aka society) for the last 20 years. In addition, I would like to send a shout out to all my peeps who are into out door life like, hiking, kayaking and camping.


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What others are saying about us


"Great Guy and awesome friend to have"

How many of us can say we have a friendship that's lasted a life time. This man loves life to the fullest and is always learning something new. Hang around him long enough and you will see it for yourself.

- James


"Best Hooman ever..."

Joe is my hooman, he loves to take me hiking and knows how much I enjoy the outdoors. Plus he spoils me with treats and makes visiting the Vet not so scary.

- Buddy

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"Where are my foodie sisters?"

Hey Joe is new to the foodie community. Let's welcome him to our family by suggesting your favorite place to eat so he can check it out when he's in your area.

- Becky


The Start Of It All

The real beginning started with my parents meeting... Being the youngest of five meant they were going to have their hands full but they just didn't know what they were in for, yet.  I am sure I tested their patience more than once, but their love for their children preserver and we all turned out successful in our own ways.

The Full Story

You  have read all the way down this far?  Impressive!  In my spare time I also like to entertain myself by cooking for family and friends. Who likes BBQ on the patio, with a ice cold drink in hand?

Being the son of an auto mechanic I grew up around cars and shop life. From time to time I still enjoy being out in the shop tinker with what ever pet project I have going on at the moment.

Books!  Oh my!  Ok, let me see a show of hands, who else likes to get lost in a good book.  I'm still kind of a book nerd, but shhh... please don't let me secret out, ok?  lol.